Injured persons may initiate civil actions against those who are responsible for their physical state. If they are successful, the courts will direct the liable party to pay them for the damages caused. Civil cases do not result in imprisonment or a criminal record, but they do provide aggrieved parties with just compensation.

However, this right to sue does have a time limit. People cannot drag a very old incident into court, for example. They should file the lawsuit within the prescribed time period as indicated by the statute of limitations in their state. Every state has its own particular set of deadlines, so it is best to check with a local attorney for specifics.

Time Limits for Different Cases

For the state of Utah, for example, the laws prescribe a wide range of time limits for a variety of different case types. This could be as little as one year or as much as eight years. Focusing on personal injury claims, the most common limit is four years, making it important to contact a Salt Lake City injury attorney.

An exception would be medical malpractice claims, which must be initiated within two years. The same time limit applies to product liability suits. It is important to move quickly even if you have years to start the legal action, as there might be unforeseen delays along the way. If you miss the deadline, then the court might no longer accept the case.

When the Clock Starts to Tick

Since time is essential in determining the validity of a lawsuit, injured persons must be mindful of the specifics of the countdown. In most cases, the clock will begin to tick on the day of the accident. You should have ample time to recover from the injuries and get a lawyer to help with the legal processes. This should all work out fine if the injuries are obvious from the beginning. However, this is not always the case. There are situations where the problem gets discovered after the fact, for example.

When the Clock Can Pause

A surgery may initially seem successful, but then months later you feel pain that can be traced to the procedure. Perhaps the doctor did not do a good job on the operation. Maybe tools and materials were left inside your body. Surrounding organs may have been cut or removed along with a tumor.

In a car accident, occupants may not exhibit external bleeding, but it may turn out that they are actually suffering from internal trauma. It may then be argued that the clock should only begin to tick on the date of discovering the injuries.

Rationale for the Statute of Limitations

People who can pursue personal injury claims should do so immediately. The court will not tolerate unnecessary delays and laziness. The time limits also benefit the victims as they ensure that the evidence will be collected within a reasonable period. If a person waits for many years before filing a lawsuit, there is a good chance that the witnesses will have forgotten the details of what they saw. Evidence will also be harder to find for both the plaintiff and the defendant. Digging into dormant claims may only result in cruelty to those who have already moved on from the incident.

The statute of limitations is a complex subject that requires a highly trained mind to fully understand all of its nuances. If you have any questions, then contact an experienced injury attorney. Set up a meeting to discuss your concerns right away.

In the past, auto accidents were the most frequent cause of fatal injuries among residents of Long Island. Consequently, the local government had to go to great lengths to encourage motorists to drive with due care and attention whenever they operated their vehicles. Notwithstanding, in recent years, the number of fatal car accidents has reduced throughout the island. Some Long Island auto accident statistics that might surprise are included below.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over the course of 2017, one-hundred people died in Long Island as a result of ninety-four crashes. 1073 fatal auto accidents occurred between 2012 and 2016, where 1143 people lost their lives. This data also highlights the following:

  • Speeding was responsible for the deaths of no less than 298 people, accounting for twenty-five percent of the fatalities in the 1064 reported incidents where motorists were proven speeding.
  • Drunk driving was responsible for the deaths of no less than 154 people, accounting for almost fifty percent of the fatalities in the 307 reported incidents where motorists were proven to be intoxicated behind the wheel.
  • 421 cyclists and pedestrians lost their lives, which makes up over thirty-five percent of all road accident victims.
  • No less than eighty-one people were killed in collisions where both speeding and drunk driving were involved, accounting for nearly twenty-five percent of the fatalities in the 304 reported incidents when both crimes were proven.
  • No fewer than 198 accident victims were not wearing seat belts or suitable restraints, which makes up over thirty percent of all vehicle occupant fatalities.

Happily, Police in Nassau County recorded a ten percent reduction in fatal car accidents in 2017. There are several reasons for this, such as younger motorists being better informed about the hazards of aggressive driving and speeding. Also, modern vehicles have more safety features, like blind spot alerts, and the Police Force in Suffolk County issued nearly nine percent more summons in 2017 than it did the previous year.

There are not many areas of America where you don’t need a car to get around, which is why safe driving is so vital to the health of the nation. You should understand how to stay protected, whether you are a motorist or not. Essentials, like not driving while intoxicated, keeping your seatbelt on constantly, and observing highway rules are all important things to remember. If you are involved in a road accident, despite your best efforts to avoid it, make sure you contact trusted injury attorneys like Jaghab Jaghab & Jaghab, P.C.

Most drivers will experience the stress of being involved in a car accident at one time or another. Depending on the nature of the accident and the individual affected by it, outcomes can vary greatly.

Those who suffer property damage or physical injury will likely pursue financial compensation from the at-fault driver. There are, however, more complex injuries that occur when someone develops Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after experiencing a car wreck.

PTSD from a Car Crash

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder refers to a disorder suffered by many who have had to face disturbing events, injuries, or circumstances. Most often associated with veterans returning from war, PTSD has come into the limelight over recent decades as public campaigns and initiatives are launched to try and help those who are suffering.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

When it comes to an individual who has PTSD from a car accident, getting their life back is not always easy. Dealing with physical injuries can be simpler, as they are treated and most often compensated by the at-fault driver or their insurance company.

When pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, damages don’t just cover physical injuries and property damage, they also cover injuries related to pain and suffering and psychological damage.

When a personal injury lawsuit is calculating damages for a plaintiff, compensation would include vehicle repairs, medical bills such as hospital stays, medication, and physical therapy. For someone suffering from PTSD, therapy will likely be necessary, and that can be costly.

Thus, the cost of therapy will be part of the compensatory damages. Missed wages due to time away from work also fall under the “damages” bracket. Those suffering from PTSD will likely miss work due to their physical injuries, but likely will be absent longer to deal with their psychological injuries.

Getting Your Life Back

When it comes to getting your life back after being diagnosed with PTSD, it is not a simple process. Sufferers of PTSD most often react to their condition by pulling away from family and friends and retreating further into themselves. Treatment for PTSD involves pulling them back out into the world and trying to give them coping skills to deal with the negative emotions, anxiety, and depression that accompanies PTSD.

Therapy for PTSD usually involves a combination of one-on-one and group.  Support groups for people suffering from PTSD provide a safe place where people can share their experiences and build up strength from the solidarity of knowing they are not alone.

The acknowledgment of a problem and the benefit that comes from talking about it and opening-up is the first step to getting your life back. No matter how hard people with PTSD try, they are unlikely to get their life back without seeking help.

While seeking the help of a car accident attorney in Boca Raton can result in being awarded damages to cover any accident-related financial costs, the psychological effects of PTSD can take longer to deal with. From initial diagnosis to full recovery can be a long process, but with help, you can get your life back and start moving forward in a positive way.

Law are not universal and vary from state to state; negligence laws are no exception. Negligence is the single most important factor that determines the outcome of personal injury claims and lawsuits. If your accident was caused by the fault of another and you have sustained an injury as a result, you are entitled to pursue financial compensation from the at-fault party.

Financial compensation can include all medical costs, including hospital stays, medication, treatment any physical therapy, property damage, and missed wages due to recovery time away from work. When it comes to negligence, depending upon the state in which the accident took place, different laws are relevant.

If you were injured in an accident that took place in Arizona, you will want to be familiar with the laws that affect the outcome of personal injury claims and lawsuits such as negligence laws and the statute of limitations.

Arizona’s Comparative Negligence Law

The negligence law that governs the state of Arizona is known as the comparative negligence law. Comparative negligence law applies to cases where the plaintiff is found to be partially negligent for the accident. The ‘plaintiff’ refers to the person who is injured and filing the claim; the ‘defendant’ is the individual the claim is being filed against.

Under comparative negligence, the plaintiff is assigned their percentage of negligence, and their entitlement to compensatory damages is calculated based upon that assignation. The higher your negligence in the accident that caused your injury, the lower your compensatory amount will be; the lower your negligence, the higher the damages you will receive.

Arizona’s Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations is a timeframe in which a person must file a claim or lawsuit to ensure their entitlement to damages. In the state of Arizona, there is a two-year time limit in which you have to file your personal injury claim or lawsuit. That timeframe begins on the day of the accident. In cases where you don’t discover your injury until later, the clock starts running on the ‘discovery day’ or the day you discovered your injury.

For personal injury claims made against a city or the state, you have 180 days to file your formal claim and a lawsuit must be filed within a year.

As laws vary from state to state, it is essential to enlist the help of an experienced local lawyer who will be well versed in the laws that govern the state. Negligence laws and the state’s statute of limitations laws are important deciding factors of personal injury claims and lawsuits. If you have experienced an injury in the state of Arizona, contact injury lawyer Michael Cordova today for your free consultation.

Accidents happen. This is a simple fact of life. Across the world, despite drivers’ best intentions, car crashes occur nearly every minute. What is important to understand is how the expenses that result from the car crash will be dealt with. Most people who ride in an Uber have no idea whether the car and the driver have an accident insurance policy.

The fact that Uber drivers struggle with the income they earn, despite the long hours of driving, is no secret. And this makes it more important for folks to understand how to deal with a car crash with an Uber vehicle or when you are travelling in one. Here is what you need to know about Uber’s car accident insurance policy.

Understanding Uber’s Car Accident Insurance Policy

Uber has a slightly complicated insurance policy. When a driver has the Uber app switched off, his or her own insurance coverage applies. Therefore, if the car is in an accident, the driver’s personal auto insurance policy will cover the cost of the damages. If a driver has the app switched on and a car crash occurs between trips, however, the company provides third-party liability coverage. Bodily injuries that were a result of the accident are covered for $50,000 per individual per accident. Property damage of up to $25,000 is also covered in these circumstances.

When an Uber is on a trip with a fare, the insurance coverage from Uber is for $1 million. If the vehicle is involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver, the insurance policy covers bodily injuries sustained by passengers in the Uber. It is important to note that 13 percent of motorists in New York City (NYC) are uninsured.

Thus, in the event of a car accident involving an Uber vehicle, the type of insurance coverage will depend on several different factors. If you find yourself in such a situation, you will need to check the relevant details with the driver. If the vehicle is between rides or is on a paying trip, Uber’s insurance coverage applies. If the driver has the app switched off, then personal auto insurance will cover the accident.

If you are in NYC and have been in an accident with an Uber, you need to consult an NYC Uber accident attorney. Like most large companies, Uber is likely to minimize its liability, and it may be a challenge to get your just dues. It is possible that they may offer a small settlement so that you do not pursue the matter further.

It would be wise to speak to an experienced accident attorney before you speak to a representative from Uber or the insurance company. Your lawyer will be well-versed in the legalities of dealing with a car accident, and he or she will ensure that all the details pertaining to your case are presented effectively. This will ensure that you receive just compensation.

Milwaukee’s streets have not felt safe for a long time. Irrespective of whether it’s because people are driving more recklessly than ever before or due to the traffic congestion, one thing for sure and that is that Milwaukee pedestrians have paid the price. State officials report sixty pedestrian deaths in Wisconsin in 2017, a twenty percent increase from 2016. So, it’s safe to say that deaths of pedestrians have nearly doubled over the last ten years.

One of the intersections that seems to cause a lot of stress is just north of Capital Drive where Hopkins Street, Hope Avenue, and 35th Street come together. This intersection is famous for speeding and motorists don’t have a problem exceeding the fifteen-mph speed limit.

People in the neighborhood are starting to express their concern and frustration with the speeding going on. Others insist that drivers are not paying enough attention to the road. It is a fact that lots of people are seen talking on their cell phones, smoking, or doing their makeup while at this intersection—so, according to this neighborhood, they’ve seen it all. However, these roads seem to be even more dangerous for pedestrians than they are for the motorists. A simple task of crossing streets becomes a huge challenge and cause for anxiety in Milwaukee.

The neighborhood has taken the initiative to suggest some adult safety initiatives such as having a stop sign or traffic light at the 31st St. intersection. Some of the neighborhood members will also take part in the Complete Streets Milwaukee Coalition, a proposal to make Milwaukee’s streets safer. This program is basically in response to the increase in pedestrian deaths over the last ten years and to cover reckless driving by taking the initiative to promote better engineering, which ultimately leads to road safety.

Milwaukee’s efforts to engineer safer streets is fully-supported by the Complete Streets Coalition. In fact, approximately 1400 US communities have given support for the Complete Streets principle to make sure the roads are safer for everyone.

So, while the needs may vary depending on the size of the city and the needs of the locals, you might see things like wider sidewalks and planting of trees, which gives shade to pedestrians and cues to motorists to slow down, since it narrows their field of vision. You may also see bike lanes that are protected. Some cities may have bus-only lanes as well as wide crosswalks. However, the reality is that better designs and infrastructure can only go so far because ultimately drivers need to embrace road safety, the rules of the road, traffic rules, and have an overall basic consideration for other drivers as well as pedestrians.

So, while it is good to see that the recent Milwaukee road safety initiatives to implement best practices are taking off, you may still encounter motorists that simply refuse to adhere to the voice of reason. In the event that you are ever involved in a situation like this, you may need a Milwaukee car crash attorney. A competent car crash attorney will assist you in getting compensation for your damages and ultimately, ensure that dangerous drivers are not allowed on the roads to repeat their offenses.

Accidents involving heavy commercial vehicles, such as 18-wheelers, are usually quite serious. This is usually due to the heavy weight of these trucks and the cargo they carry. Some of the most common causes of 18-wheeler accidents include driver fatigue, poor weather, speeding, drunk driving, and improper loading.

There are many ways that the cargo a truck is carrying can cause an accident. Every 18-wheeler truck driver needs to know how cargo can cause 18-wheeler accidents. This will enable them to make informed decisions to avoid getting into an accident while driving a heavy commercial vehicle that is loaded with heavy cargo.


This is usually a common reason loaded 18-wheeler trucks usually get into accidents. If a truck is loaded with cargo that is heavier than the load limit for that kind of truck, stopping the truck or slowing it down can be extremely difficult. Overloading can also cause steering problems. The feds have specified the weight of cargo that 18-wheelers are authorized to carry. To stay safe on the road, truckers need to adhere to these limits.

Shifting Cargo

If the cargo on an 18-wheeler is not properly secured on the truck, it will shift from side to side as well as back and forth as the vehicle slows down, stops, accelerates, or turns—causing an accident. After all, sudden movement of cargo when the truck is in motion can throw the truck off-balance. Therefore, every trucker needs to learn how to properly secure cargo to the truck.

Poor Balancing of Cargo

The cargo on a truck needs to be properly balanced to ensure that all the axles on the truck are equally loaded. This is crucial because overloading an axle beyond its limit is recipe for disaster.


When transporting fluids, such as water, liquid chemicals, petroleum products, or milk, 18-wheeler tankers need to be loaded properly. Every compartment should be filled to the brim to prevent the sloshing of liquids back and forth, which can cause imbalances that can throw the tanker off-balance.

For non-tanker trucks, underloading is also a concern in poor weather. Light trucks are prone to slip and slide out of the trucker’s control more easily, wreaking havoc on the roads.

As you can see, there are many ways that cargo can cause accidents. If you are involved in an accident that was caused by the driver of an 18-wheeler truck, you should seek professional legal advice to ensure you are properly represented. Finding the best truck accident lawyer in Chicago should not be difficult because there are many competent lawyers in the city of Chicago. You only need to shortlist the best attorneys and compare them before deciding.

When you’ve been accused of drinking and driving, it can be an upsetting ordeal. A DUI could mean high fees, a suspended license, and even jail time. A DUI is a serious charge, and it could haunt you for some time if you don’t fight back.

Reach out for help with your DUI charges, and you may be able to beat those charges and avoid the harsh penalties for your charges.

Know Your Defenses

First, it’s important to understand the defenses possible for your DUI and choose the best defense for your case. Typically, this will depend on your situation and what the situation was when you were arrested.

For example, you might contest the accuracy of the field sobriety tests. While these tests have become more accurate over time, they can still be inaccurate if not properly calibrated. In this case, you and your attorney might choose to fight back by calling in an expert witness to testify about the accuracy of these sobriety tests.

Otherwise, they may not have had reason to pull you over. When an officer suspects that something is wrong, they have the power to pull you over to investigate. For example, the officer might pull you over for weaving in your lane and then spot a beer can in the floorboard. If they stopped you without cause, though, you may fight your ticket on those grounds.

Get the Right Help

When you’ve been pulled over, you’ll need to know who can help you best. Fighting to defend yourself can leave you struggling to recover, since you may not have the resources and experience to prove your claim. You may need legal guidance.

However, a public defender may not give you the help you need, either. While a defender may have the experience you need, they may not have the time for you. They may have multiple clients, all of whom need help, too. That means your case might not receive the attention it needs to succeed.

That’s why you may need to seek a Nashville DUI lawyer. These attorneys understand how important it is to get your charges dropped, and they’ll fight to help you get those charges dropped.

Start Your Defense Now

When you’re charged with a DUI, it can be difficult to recover. Not only was your arrest likely embarrassing, you’re now facing serious consequences for your case. If you don’t fight back, you could even be facing jail time for your charges.

With a lawyer on your side, you’ll have the chance to fight against those charges, protecting your future. Fighting back alone can leave you struggling to find the right defense and prepare in time.

With a lawyer on your side, you’ll have a better chance to beat your Tennessee DUI charges, so get ready to fight back with the help and guidance you need to recover from your charges. You don’t want to face the severe consequences, so get help as soon as possible.

There are many people who do not usually take drunk driving charges seriously. In fact, these people often plead guilty to the charges and pay the required fines without thinking of the consequences of having DWI convictions on their record. It is important to note that a DWI conviction can have several negative effects on your life. That is why the accused person needs to hire the most competent DWI attorney in their city to defend them against the charges. There are many possible defenses that a lawyer can use to fight the charges. In fact, a qualified lawyer can look at the charge sheet, note defects, and have the court dismiss the charges due to those defects. Fighting a DWI charge can be as simple as that.

How Can a DWI Affect My Life?

Tainted Record

When you have been convicted of driving while intoxicated, the conviction will be added to your record. This means that anyone who runs a background check on you will learn about the drunk driving offense. This can hinder your career progression, among other things, as you will be looked at as an irresponsible individual.

Serious Injuries or Fatalities

Driving while intoxicated is not just illegal, it’s risky. After all, you can get into an accident that may result in serious injuries or fatalities. Imagine getting paralyzed or maimed during a crash. Your spouse, children, friends, or relatives in the passenger seat may also suffer serious injuries and even fatalities. This will undoubtedly turn your life upside down. Drinking and driving is dangerous, so you must avoid alcohol consumption if you intend to drive later.

Increased Cost of Insurance

Your cost of living can increase considerably after a DWI conviction. This is because auto insurers will run a background check on you before giving you a quote for your auto insurance. If they discover the DWI conviction, they will either refuse to cover you or significantly raise your premiums. This means that a DWI will force you to spend more money on auto insurance. When you have been charged with a DWI, be sure to look for the most competent Tarrant County DWI lawyer to help you mount a strong defense against the charges leveled against you.

Loss of Drivers License

When you have been found guilty of driving while intoxicated, your drivers license will be revoked for a couple of months or even a few years, depending on the nature of the offense. This means that you will not be able to drive your car again until you recover the license. If you are the only licensed driver in the household, you will need to look for an alternative driver to bring you to work or take your kids to school every morning. This can be highly inconvenient.

Loss of Funds

A DWI conviction can be incredibly costly. In addition to the huge fines and increased insurance you will have to pay, there are also other fees you will have to pay, such as the cost of having an ignition interlock device installed. If you are incarcerated after committing a felony DWI, you will lose your job together with the income that sustains your family. This will obviously have an adverse effect on your life.

Missed Job and Scholarship Opportunities

Once you have a tainted record after a DWI conviction, getting a scholarship or a better job will become extremely difficult. This is because most employers and schools often run background checks on applicants.

Tiny cars like Smart cars are growing in popularity. While many people might laugh at the little cars zipping up the road, more and more people are forgoing style or size for fuel efficiency. After all, who cares about the size of your car when you’re getting way more out of every gallon of gasoline you buy?

Unfortunately, while these cars do make life a little easier, a car accident can be uniquely devastating to these drivers. You’ll need to consider the difference your car’s size makes during an accident, so you can fully understand the dangers of an accident.

You’re Not So Visible

What causes accidents with these tiny cars? Unfortunately, it may be a matter of your car’s size working against you. These vehicles are small, much like motorcycles and other small vehicles. Unfortunately, the smaller your car is, the more difficult it is to spot it.

When you’re less visible to the other vehicles around you, there’s a better chance that another driver might simply not see you. They’ll think that they can go ahead and change lanes, clipping you and causing an accident. Reckless drivers often cause accidents by not watching where they’re going, after all, so there’s a chance that you could suffer for that.

So, when you’re on the road in your tiny car, watch out for other drivers. There’s a chance that they could endanger you, leaving you involved in a serious crash.

Protecting Yourself in a Crash

In some cases, you might walk away without a scratch. While, sure, some of those cases may be luck, part of it is that cars are now made to protect you in a car accident. Vehicles should minimize the impact and the trauma of the accident, leaving you much safer than you would be otherwise.

Unfortunately, part of this is because the car has a sturdy frame, airbags, and seatbelts. While your tiny car might have most or all these features, its size can work against it. Your head is likely extremely close to the ceiling, for example, meaning that an impact or rollover could cause head trauma.

While these cars do have some safety features, there are other risks, including ones in the car’s design, involved that may leave you severely injured.

Compensation for NYC Victims

Once you’ve survived your accident, you’ll have to fight back, unfortunately. Many drivers in New York aren’t so willing to cover your expenses, especially if you’ve passed the serious injury threshold and can sue. That means you’ll need to prove that they were at fault for your devastating injuries.

When that happens, make sure you seek the full worth of your claim. Make sure that you’re including your economic damages, which cover the financial losses you’ve suffered. Make sure as well, though, that you’re seeking out your non-economic damages, or the mental and emotional toll of an accident.  

If you’re not sure what to expect for your car accident claim, seek out damages like the ones below with the help of a car accident lawyer in NYC:  

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Emotional trauma
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering

Get the Help you Need

Unfortunately, dealing with a car accident is no easy task. You’re severely injured, suffering financially, and now you’ll need to fight back for the costs of your case. Unfortunately, all that can be worse in a tiny car accident.

If you drive one of these smaller cars, you’re putting yourself at a higher risk, and you’ll need more compensation to recover. Make sure you get that compensation by having an attorney on your side now.

If you’re struggling with your claim, reach out for the help you need dealing with a tiny car accident. An attorney can help you recover the compensation you need after your accident.