According to the National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration (NHTSA), the 11th deadliest Florida road is in Palm Beach County. A study by GEOTAB, a global fleet management company, indicates that Florida has some of the most dangerous roads in America. This state has four of the deadliest US highways.

Every year, dangerous roads in Palm Beach County kill hundreds of people. Dangerous roads are the number one cause of preventable death. Many more suffer disabilities because of road accidents. If you or your loved one is a road accident victim, a Palm Beach accident lawyer can help in obtaining compensation.

The Most Dangerous American Highway is in Florida

It is the Florida section of US-1 highway. Over the last ten years, this has been the deadliest American highway. This highway is around 500 miles, and it covers 13 Florida counties. Over the past decade, the death toll reached more than 1,000.

The Most Deadly Road in Palm Beach

The five-mile stretch of Okeechobee Boulevard tops the list when it comes to dangerous roads in Palm Beach County. It is also the 11th most dangerous road in Florida.

Over 700 Fatalities on 1-95 in Palm Beach

This is one of the most dangerous roads in Palm Beach County. Between 2004 and 2008, there were over 700 fatalities on this road.

Muggings and Bad Driving on Palm Beach Roads

The state of some roads is not the only dangerous issue. Roads in Palm Beach exist that are dangerous because of bad driving and muggings. You should avoid these roads, especially at night.

In downtown West Palm Beach, avoid the western direction of the railroad trucks. It tends to fill with goons at night.

The intersection between Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. and Tamarind Ave is also bad. Do not stop there! Aside from bad driving, the intersection often has muggings.

Other Dangerous Palm Beach Roads

  • West Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach
  • South Congress Avenue in Palm Springs
  • Jog Road in Boynton Beach
  • North Federal Highway

The Second Most Dangerous US Highway is also in Florida

The second most dangerous highway is the U.S. 41 in Tampa. There have been over 700 fatal crashes on this road. The third deadliest US highway is the U.S. 27, also in Florida.

The Bottom Line

Dangerous roads in Palm Beach County cause families to lose breadwinners. They have orphaned many children, and created widows and widowers.

Local, federal, and national authorities need to consider the issue of dangerous roads. America is losing great talent on the roads. Many famous Americans died because of dangerous highways. Road accident victims in Palm Beach, Florida should not lose hope of obtaining compensation. However, the right legal assistance is required to obtain compensation.