Most drivers will experience the stress of being involved in a car accident at one time or another. Depending on the nature of the accident and the individual affected by it, outcomes can vary greatly.

Those who suffer property damage or physical injury will likely pursue financial compensation from the at-fault driver. There are, however, more complex injuries that occur when someone develops Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after experiencing a car wreck.

PTSD from a Car Crash

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder refers to a disorder suffered by many who have had to face disturbing events, injuries, or circumstances. Most often associated with veterans returning from war, PTSD has come into the limelight over recent decades as public campaigns and initiatives are launched to try and help those who are suffering.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

When it comes to an individual who has PTSD from a car accident, getting their life back is not always easy. Dealing with physical injuries can be simpler, as they are treated and most often compensated by the at-fault driver or their insurance company.

When pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, damages don’t just cover physical injuries and property damage, they also cover injuries related to pain and suffering and psychological damage.

When a personal injury lawsuit is calculating damages for a plaintiff, compensation would include vehicle repairs, medical bills such as hospital stays, medication, and physical therapy. For someone suffering from PTSD, therapy will likely be necessary, and that can be costly.

Thus, the cost of therapy will be part of the compensatory damages. Missed wages due to time away from work also fall under the “damages” bracket. Those suffering from PTSD will likely miss work due to their physical injuries, but likely will be absent longer to deal with their psychological injuries.

Getting Your Life Back

When it comes to getting your life back after being diagnosed with PTSD, it is not a simple process. Sufferers of PTSD most often react to their condition by pulling away from family and friends and retreating further into themselves. Treatment for PTSD involves pulling them back out into the world and trying to give them coping skills to deal with the negative emotions, anxiety, and depression that accompanies PTSD.

Therapy for PTSD usually involves a combination of one-on-one and group.  Support groups for people suffering from PTSD provide a safe place where people can share their experiences and build up strength from the solidarity of knowing they are not alone.

The acknowledgment of a problem and the benefit that comes from talking about it and opening-up is the first step to getting your life back. No matter how hard people with PTSD try, they are unlikely to get their life back without seeking help.

While seeking the help of a car accident attorney in Boca Raton can result in being awarded damages to cover any accident-related financial costs, the psychological effects of PTSD can take longer to deal with. From initial diagnosis to full recovery can be a long process, but with help, you can get your life back and start moving forward in a positive way.

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